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Would your business work more efficiently if all your back office systems linked too? Do you find admin takes up too much of your time? Are employees swapping multiple spreadsheets between them, or is there double entry of data?
We are able to create tailored software to speed up your internal processes – giving you more time where it matters more. We have also developed standard software modules that can be adapted to suit your needs. All our software can be hosted on your own servers or provided as an online application.
Training and ongoing support is provided, including maintaining licenses and data cleansing.
Our business support software includes:
•Accounting packages
•Logistics and distribution
•Manufacturing – from order processing through production planning to despatch and invoicing
•Trade counters
•Ecommerce websites
•Customer relationship management databases
•Membership databases fed directly from data capture on your website

Case Study 1

Recently we have written middleware software to link a clients e-commerce website to their EPOS (electronic point of sale i.e. till system).  This two way link provides a number of advantages.

  1. Stock levels on the till and on the website are always in tandem and are maintained in real time.
  2. Products need only be setup in one place for both the tills and the website reducing administration.
  3. Orders placed on the website show up on the till in real time and can be immediately processed in the shop.

This is an example of how bespoke software can unify disparate systems to make them more efficient and the business more profitable.

Case Study 2

No two businesses are the same and off the shelf solutions never quite fit.  Instead of making businesses fit the solution we believe in making the solution fit the business.  This was demonstrated perfectly when a leading chauffeur company approached us to provide them with a bespoke solution.  They had tried various off the peg solutions which were built for taxi, coach and various other transport companies, none of which gave them what the needed.  This is where we stepped in to provide a system which gave them exactly what they specified for their particular industry.

Case Study 3

Legacy systems which have been in use for many years do exactly what they were designed for and very often do it very well.  It is not always necessary to rip out a legacy system which is doing a good job but in need of a little modernisation.  We were approached by a manufacturing company with a tried and trusted system, to provide them with a modern more efficient method of scheduling their resources.  We designed and built a browser based drag and drop system for scheduling their works.  Their planning staff can easily see what resources are available and are able to drag and drop jobs from their back office system onto the relevant resource.  Staff can immediately see the schedule on several large displays placed around the business.

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